Experience Retro Fun with ‘PoNG4K’ for Amiga CD32 | Engaging Multiplayer Pong Game

Ping Pong Enthusiasts, Rejoice! ‘PoNG4K’ Brings the Classic to Your Amiga CD32

As the new week dawns, the retro gaming community is abuzz with exciting news. Today, we’re thrilled to revisit a familiar face – the Amiga CD32 game ‘PoNG4K,’ which previously claimed a well-deserved third-place finish at the RetroKomp 2018 event.

Developed by the talented trio of Cobe, Koyot1222, and Goatmare, ‘PoNG4K’ is a captivating multiplayer take on the classic Pong game, paying homage to the iconic arcade title that first captivated audiences in the early 1970s.

Thanks to a helpful tip from Saberman, we’ve learned that this game, which secured third place in the GameDev competition at the RetroKomp event in Gdansk, has now been released as a digital download. But the excitement doesn’t stop there – a brand-new boxed edition is now available, featuring all the best bits of the digital version, along with some tantalizing extras.

The Boxed Edition

The boxed edition of ‘PoNG4K’ includes a game CD (fully bootable on a CD32), a color-printed manual, a DVD box with a vibrant cover, a 7x10cm sticker, and a stunning A3-format color poster, all for the reasonable price of 9.00 EUR plus shipping.

Exciting Features

Eager ping pong enthusiasts can look forward to a host of enticing features in this retro delight. The game boasts a real full-screen display at 320×267 pixels, an animated CDXL intro in HAM-6 mode, and the ability to support up to four players simultaneously. With three different game modes and in-game music in the form of AudioCD tracks, ‘PoNG4K’ also treats players to dynamic stereo sound effects and mesmerizing parallax scrolling.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of the Pong franchise or a newcomer to the world of retro gaming, ‘PoNG4K’ promises to deliver a captivating and nostalgic experience on your Amiga CD32. Don’t miss out on this delightful blast from the past – head over to the links below to secure your copy today!

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