MeetBall: Retro Ping Pong Game for Amiga Enthusiasts

Ping Pong Enthusiasts Rejoice: Retro-Inspired ‘MeetBall’ Game Hits the Amiga

For nostalgic gaming enthusiasts, the Commodore Amiga platform has long been a beloved destination for classic arcade-inspired experiences. And the latest addition to the Amiga’s library is sure to delight fans of retro ping pong games.

Introducing “MeetBall”

Introducing “MeetBall,” a captivating mashup of the iconic Arkanoid and Pong games, created by Fredrik Johansson. This early 0.78 version of the Amiga game has been made available, offering players a chance to dive into a unique and engaging ping pong-inspired adventure.

“MeetBall is a multiplayer bat & ball game, although you can play solo too,” Johansson explains. “Honestly though, playing solo isn’t fun. It’s called MeetBall for a reason.”

The game’s development has been a personal journey for the creator, who cites it as his “first and only attempt at making a game” and a way to learn assembly language.

Performance and Availability

While the game may experience some frame drops on stock 68000 CPUs, Johansson assures that “faster Amigas should be all OK.” Players can even start the game directly from the Workbench, as long as they have more than 512KB of chip memory.

Accessing “MeetBall”

For those eager to experience the retro-inspired ping pong action, the “MeetBallsource and readme files are readily available online. This latest addition to the Amiga’s rich gaming legacy is sure to delight both longtime fans and newcomers to the platform’s classic charm.

So, whether you’re a ping pong enthusiast or simply a lover of retro gaming, “MeetBall” on the Commodore Amiga is worth a closer look. Prepare to be transported back in time and immerse yourself in a captivating blend of Arkanoid and Pong, all within the beloved Amiga ecosystem.

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