PoNG4K Boxed CD32 Edition: A Tribute to the Iconic Video Game Pong

The Iconic Pong and the Upcoming Boxed CD32 Edition of PoNG4K

In the 1970s, the iconic video game Pong made its mark on the world, thanks to the pioneering efforts of Bushnell and Alcorn. Though the initial Pong prototype was unveiled at Andy Capp’s Tavern, it wasn’t until 1975 that the game truly found its way into homes, including the beloved Atari 2600 console.

Fortunately, Pong has endured as a beloved classic, and the passion for this timeless ping pong video game continues to this day. Next month, in June, the talented team of Cobe, Koyot1222, and Goatmare will be releasing a boxed CD32 edition of their previous release, PoNG4K – a multiplayer Pong experience that promises to be more than just a clone.

This exciting news comes courtesy of Saberman’s heads-up, who has informed us that PoNG4K placed third in the GameDev competition at the RetroKomp event in Gdansk. After its initial digital download release back in October 2018, the game is now set to be re-released in a brand-new boxed edition.

The upcoming boxed version of PoNG4K will include a wealth of features and extras for enthusiasts. Players can look forward to a bootable game CD for the CD32 system, a color-printed manual, a DVD box with a vibrant cover, a 7x10cm sticker, and a large A3-sized color poster – all for the price of 9.00 EUR plus shipping.

Key Features of PoNG4K

Some of the key features that have made PoNG4K a hit among retro ping pong video game fans include:

  • Real full-screen display at 320×267 pixels
  • Animated CDXL intro in the stunning HAM-6 mode
  • Support for up to four players simultaneously
  • Three distinct game modes
  • In-game music in the form of Audio CD
  • Dynamic stereo sound effects with panning
  • Parallax scrolling for added depth and immersion

Whether you’re a nostalgic ping pong enthusiast or a lover of retro video games, the upcoming boxed edition of PoNG4K is sure to pique your interest. Mark your calendars for June and get ready to experience the timeless joy of Pong like never before.

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